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About The Hybrid Learning Co

The Hybrid Learning Company began as Oxford Fusion Academy in 2018, owned and operated by Jeanne Hotchkiss. Jeanne crafted the program into what it is today- 2 locations offering homeschool support services 2 days a week through a hybrid format. Our original location at Lakepoint Church, now called Oxford Hybrid Primary offers grades Dk-5th grade. Our newest location in Rochester at Oakland Church, called Legacy Hybrid, also offers grades DK-5th. In the Fall of 2023, we will offer grades 6-8. With the addition of a second location, Jeanne also brought on a Co-Director, Misty Martin. 

Together, Jeanne and Misty share a mission to help homeschool parents teach the core subjects, as well as provide a classroom experience two days a week for students to learn, do experiments, and have fun with their peers!

We partner with Oxford Virtual Academy (OVA) to provide core classes for students in Developmental Kindergarten (DK) as well as Traditional Kindergarten – 8th grade. We offer math, language arts, science, and social studies, using a phenomenal curriculum taught by our expert tutors such as:

  • Saxon Math
  • Elemental Science
  • All About Reading
  • Story of the World
  • Pierson Social Studies
  • Blackbird & Company

OVA funding will pay tuition for 4 core classes and 2 electives each semester.

Our curriculum is literature-rich and extremely hands-on! Students will enjoy exploring science through fun experiments, math with manipulatives, and language arts via living books as well as watching social studies come alive with our tutor’s project-based teaching style! THE HYBRID LEARNING CO STUDENTS QUALIFY FOR FREE TUITION PLUS TWO FREE ELECTIVE CLASSES! 

Classes meet in Oxford, MI on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-3:30
Onsite Electives 9:30-11:30 and core classes 12:00-3:30
Optional lunch period available 11:30-12:00

Classes meet in Rochester, MI on Monday and Wednesday from 9:30-3:30
Grades DK-5 onsite electives meet 9:30-11:30 and core classes 12:00-3:30
Optional lunch period available 11:30-12

Grades 6-8 meet 9:30-3:30 with the  option of taking up to 2 onsite electives in lieu of lab hour 9:30-10:30

School of choice enrollment opens March 1st- August 18th. 

OVA Enrollment