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  1. OVA Students - Oxford and Legacy Hybrid is a FULL YEAR COMMITMENT and registration for this program constitutes understanding of and agreement to all policies indicated. If a student drops from the program or does not participate in count day/month events for funding, the financial responsibility will immediately revert to self-pay. The cost for self-pay is $450.00 per class, per student, each semester. If an OVA student drops enrollment before November 1, there will be a drop fee of $1000.00 due immediately to Oxford or Legacy Hybrid.
  2. Self-Pay Students- Self-Pay Students are welcome to enroll at any point.

- Four hours per family of community service (adults only not younger siblings) at the Hybrid Program are required each semester (There is an option to waive community service hours for a fee of $100.00 per semester).

- Parents are expected to bring their children to Hybrid classes each week as well as ensure their children's schoolwork is completed at home on work at home days.

All OVA funded families are also responsible for making sure that their children have completed the online portion of Hybrid classes each week.

While Oxford and Legacy Hybrid does not have an attendance policy, OVA-funded students that miss more than two CONSECUTIVE weeks of classroom time must make sure thier OVA Mentor is aware they are working from home.

No, every child is unique and we realize there is no educational program that is a good fit for everyone.

For OVA funded students, there are many educational opportunities and they will help steer each family toward the one that serves them the best.

The Hybrid Learning Co reserves the right to determine whether our program will benefit each student that applies.